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The last 30 days has seen two more ESPN sites converted to the new Content Management System; PuertoRicoTipOff.com and CharlestonClassic.com

The new OldSpiceClassic.com site is launched. 2 Down 6 to go.

HyperThink launches new 76Classic.com marking the first of 8 existing sites to be converted to new fully integrated CMS.

HyperThink extends contract with ESPN. New contract to continue web development and interactive production through 2011


The World Wide Warehouse

Need to sell something online? We have your solutions. We offer a customized robust shopping cart system with full back end controls to track everything you need to run a successful online retail store. We can also create one of a kind e-commerce packages or integrate a simple module to tack onto your present site to provide you with cart capabilities.

If You Build It They May Not Come

As you may know the dot com era, which refers to the boom in companies going virtual with their goods, went bust and then leveled out to what we know of today as e-commerce. There are still thousands of companies a year that still close their virtual doors. Why? Because if you build it that doesn't mean they will come. We try to emphasize to our clients that having an online store does not get attention like a real store front would in town. You have to tell people you are there.

So as you prepare to change the world with your new store and make money online, formulate a plan and add money to your budget for advertising and promoting your online store though web advertising. In addition to building your site, we will be happy to help you put together a marketing plan to make sure you succeed.

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