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The last 30 days has seen two more ESPN sites converted to the new Content Management System; PuertoRicoTipOff.com and CharlestonClassic.com

The new OldSpiceClassic.com site is launched. 2 Down 6 to go.

HyperThink launches new 76Classic.com marking the first of 8 existing sites to be converted to new fully integrated CMS.

HyperThink extends contract with ESPN. New contract to continue web development and interactive production through 2011

Solutions-Web Site Optimization

The New Buzz Word

There seems to be much confusion over this topic. Just what is Site Optimization? Simply put it is the process of modifying the content of your web site code to make it more effective and easier for web crawlers or spiders as they are also know, to "crawl" your site. Kind of creepy sounding huh? It's that whole spider and web analogy.

These crawlers index your site's information into a database to be retrieved and processed when someone searches for a product or service that matches your site's information. The better your site provides this information the higher up on the query results your site will appear. Keep in mind this is not an exact science so guarantees for listing placement should be carefully inspected.

We believe that SO along with and online marketing plan will provide the best results for increasing exposure and site traffic. We will be happy to add this service to your new project or quote you for having your existing website optimized. Contact us to get a free site evaluation today.

Be sure to read our Blog as we will address this topic from time to time.

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