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The last 30 days has seen two more ESPN sites converted to the new Content Management System; PuertoRicoTipOff.com and CharlestonClassic.com

The new OldSpiceClassic.com site is launched. 2 Down 6 to go.

HyperThink launches new 76Classic.com marking the first of 8 existing sites to be converted to new fully integrated CMS.

HyperThink extends contract with ESPN. New contract to continue web development and interactive production through 2011


Here is what our clients are saying about us:

"HyperThink Studios built, manages and maintains nine Web sites for ESPN Regional TV, a subsidiary of ESPN, Inc. HyperThink has managed to create a consistent look and feel for our sites, allowing us to better market our owned and operated events business. I work with them on a daily basis -- making updates to the sites, oftentimes on the fly with little notice. Not only are they good at what they do, they're always amenable -- offering a degree of insight that makes our relationship mutually beneficial."
Mark W. Wright’ÄìESPN

"We have been very pleased with the website HyperThink Studios designed for Diversco. We chose HyperThink because of the high quality work we viewed on their website and their competitive rates. HyperThink met our expectations, helping us reconfigure our website with a more modern design that has improved our image to online viewers. Excellent to work with from project start to finish, and has remained a valuable partner as we have returned with additional requests. We would recommend HyperThink to other companies looking for a professional website at an affordable price."
Adair Watters’ÄìDiversco

"At first, the thought of a web-site for my business, was confusing and frightening. Would it cost a fortune? Who do I contact to build it? How do we compose it? When I discovered Hyperthink, all those worries disappeared. They constructed a beautiful site for my business for a very affordable price. And we use the site for marketing and advertising that has far since paid for itself. I have recommended Hyperthink to my other friends in business, and I would recommend them to you."
Sharon Dinunzio’ÄìBella Bambinos

"Big Thanks to the HyperThink team for several years of quality work and web development experience.... I am always impressed by the prompt attention, detailed and complete assistance, creative input and affordable service they give me and my companies, Acadia Development and the Acadia Design Centre. I look forward to many more years of their help."
Caleb Freeman The Acadia Companies

Hyperthink developed the Adoption Coalition for Education and Support (ACES) website when ACES was a start-up nonprofit at the time and we needed an informative, yet reasonably-priced website. The team was very patient with us as we made a gazillion changes in preparing for the launch. Now, HyperThink updates the website on a monthly basis and even reminds us if we haven't submitted any changes for the month. HyperThink is a vital part of the ACES team. I would recommend Hyperthink for any business - especially small organizations that need a personal touch.
J. Lynne Wilson Jenkins’ÄìAdoption Coalition for Education and Support (ACES)

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