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The last 30 days has seen two more ESPN sites converted to the new Content Management System; PuertoRicoTipOff.com and CharlestonClassic.com

The new OldSpiceClassic.com site is launched. 2 Down 6 to go.

HyperThink launches new 76Classic.com marking the first of 8 existing sites to be converted to new fully integrated CMS.

HyperThink extends contract with ESPN. New contract to continue web development and interactive production through 2011


HyperThink is proud to work with the following businesses:

Disney Cruise Lines
Tru Blue/Spartan Staffing
KC Chemical
Herlong-Bates Insurance
Bella Bambinos
Upstate SC USA
Century Builders
Thistledown Development
Dragon Boat Festival Cancer Benefit
ACES- Adoption Coalition
Greenville Jewish Federation
Acadia Development
Acadia Design Centre

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