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The last 30 days has seen two more ESPN sites converted to the new Content Management System; PuertoRicoTipOff.com and CharlestonClassic.com

The new OldSpiceClassic.com site is launched. 2 Down 6 to go.

HyperThink launches new 76Classic.com marking the first of 8 existing sites to be converted to new fully integrated CMS.

HyperThink extends contract with ESPN. New contract to continue web development and interactive production through 2011


A Sometimes Boring But Very Necessary Service

Many people are uncertain about hosting. To simplify things, hosting is placing the files that make up your website on a computer known as a server that is connected to the information highway we call the web. Without hosting your information could not be accessed by the public.

Hosting also provides e-mail addresses, statistics for tracking site activity, plug-ins and many other valuable features that you can utilize to keep your online presence strong.

We do not require our customers to host their sites with us. We do have very competitive rates, personalized service and by hosting with us you can avoid many pitfalls that come from using low priced "mega host" companies. Please visit our hosting site at www.hyperthinkhosting.com to get rates and find out all the techno talk for those who want to know that we are running a LAMP environment on a Red Hat System with a Cisco network, blah blah blah.

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